New players are always welcome!

Players without a team will be placed on a team or placed on the free agency list

$20.00 is required on or before July 31st in order to be placed; that $20.00 is then given to your team on your behalf

Come out to some Practice Scrimmages and Practice Games in June/July/August to meet some other guys and to get a feel for the game

Charles if you are interested in joining the league

Seven players to the field at any given time

But a team should have about 10 on the roster due to occasional absences

If you have a group of only 5 or 6 friends, then we will match you with some more players to form a team

If you have a group of friends, contact us!

The league has to pay the City for the use of the fields

Therefore, to place a new team into the schedule, we require $185.00 to $200.00 on or before July 31st

Cheques are payable to KW Touch Football League and delivered to the office at 82 Weber St. East, Suite 202, Kitchener

That money is then recouped by the team captain by asking the players to contribute about $20.00 each.

Contact Charles as soon as you know you wish to enter a new team

We are hosting occasional practice scrimmages and games for interested players and teams in June & July & August

Other experienced players will also come for teaching purposes

The times will be some Saturday mornings starting at 10:00 a.m.

Charles for dates and fields

Contact: Charles


Office: 82 Weber St. East, Suite 202, Kitchener    9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Phone: Evenings and weekends - 519-746-3514

Phone: Days (preferably after 1:30 p.m.) - 519-742-6599

**use code name of "football" to get through reception